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Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group Visits Houston

The members of the 2016 Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group arrived in Houston on a trip to learn more about citizen participation and democracy on July 22.

Led by Deputy Commissioner of Education Tseng Sang-jin, the 40-member delegation visited the city government and city council of Houston. Local city government officials and city council members took turns sharing their work with the visiting students.

City Councilor Steve Le pointed out that the core belief of Houston’s city administration is “THE people is THE City,” emphasizing the running of an administration, as well as constructions and monitoring, using public opinions as a foundation.

Tseng pointed out that the city arranged the visit, hoping to provide teachers and students specialized in sports and folk arts with an international outlook and to enhance their awareness on the issue of citizens’ rights.

Houston is one of Taipei’s 19 sister cities around the world. The two sides inked the sister city agreement in 1961, both being the other’s first sister city. Over 55 years, the two municipalities have conducted exchanges in education and culture on the basis of equality and friendship.