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Taipei City Government Showing its Dedication on Smart City Development

For the first time, the Taipei City Government together with Taipei Computer Association (TCA) is co-hosting the 2016 smart city summit & expo showing its determination on developing smart city infrastructure. Smart city Mayors’ Summit will also be grandly hosted during the expo in which the city government will share its blueprints of smart Taipei city infrastructure to ten city representatives form home and aboard. In the meantime, the government will be joined with city leaders form France, U.S.A., the Netherland, Israel, Czech Republic and many other cities at the announcement of the Smart City Taipei Declaration, together with the leading cities in the globe, to further commit to the realization of smart city.
TCA states that the four-day event of the 2016 smart city summit & expo will be grand open on March 22nd in Nangang Exhibition Hall; and on this special occasion that the Taipei City Government co-host the event. The city government would like to take this opportunity of international platform to work with the industry and brainstorm with city leaders around the world on how to build a smart city on the prospective of city governance. To take a step further, the Taipei government would like to open the city as integrated trail fields for industry value chain, guiding the Taiwanese industry to export as integrated solution, in order to achieve the win-win situation for both industry upgrade and building livable city with citizen involvement.
Charles Lin, deputy mayor of Taipei City, indicated that this edition of the event is the biggest on the scale of participants as well as the level of attendees, including Christopher Ferrari, president of Grenoble-Alpes in France; Rob van Gijzel, mayor of Eindhoven from the Netherland; Asaf Zamir, deputy mayor of Tel Aviv, Israel; Josef Knot, deputy mayor of Pisek of Czech Republic; along with smart city planner from Helsinki, Bristol, Catalonia and Lazio and president of SACCI from Republic of South Africa. Taiwanese city leaders including Motto Cheng (鄭文燦), Chia-Lung Lin (林佳龍), Ching-Te Lai (賴清德) and Justin Huang(黃健庭) are also invited to the summit to share.
TCA also mentioned that the 2 cases of Taipei IT Department and 1 case of Taipei Water Department have won the Innovative Applications Award organized by TCA; the related directors will be at the awarding ceremony which is concluded in the opening ceremony of the Expo. In addition, Taipei City Vision Pavilion rallies 8 departments to showcase their smart citizen services, demonstrating the resolution of building smart city on IoT.
Currently, Taipei City Government is building infrastructure of new generation IoT communication technology throughout the city. The innovative IoT applications are welcomed to trial on the field. The City Government believed that it will be beneficious to IoT application become commercialized.
Mayor Ko, in the afternoon of March 22nd at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, hosted the press conference of the announcement of “Air Box”. This device will be widely implemented in Taipei City, detecting haze and air pollution in the city. With the analyst of the data, the government will sure be able to come out effective solution of such problem. More importantly, if succeed, the cooperation mode between governmental and nongovernmental will definitely incentive more IoT implement to the government sector.