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Taipei Traffic Information Center Offers a Guided Tour with no Registration Required During the Summertime in 2016

The guided tour with no registration required will be offered at 3:00 pm on every Wednesday and Friday in Taipei Traffic Information Center (TTIC) during the summertime in 2016 (starting from today to August 28th). People who would like to join in the free tour of the TTIC will require to bring an ID card to come to the first floor service counter 10 minutes in advance at Taipei Bus Station. We hope that by our trained guide’s presentation, you could have a more comprehensive understanding of Smart Traffic in Taipei. We welcome parents to bring their children to come and enjoy the free tour for getting to know our daily traffic infrastructure facilities, and a limited quantity of small gifts will be offered after the tour.
When the tour passing by Taipei Main Station, you could not only have chances to enter and view the original displayed traffic facilities zone, cycling zone, and other 8 zones, but also experience this year’s newly installed interactive facilities, and at the same time, see and discover the convenience of Smart Traffic in Taipei. For other related information and the guided tour hours, please go to http://www.dot.gov.taipei/.