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Revamping the Entrance of Taipei Zoo – E-Payment System Soon to be Unveiled!

* The brand new e-Payment System at the entrance of the Taipei Zoo will soon become operational!

After the 10-day period of being “closed to the public”, the e-Payment System will be activated on June 29 (Saturday), relieving visitors from wasting time in the ticket queue, where all they have to do is swipe their e-ticket to enter the zoo. Besides ticket vending machines by the entrance, visitors may also purchase tickets on their smartphones, and a multitude of payment methods are available in addition to cash, thus making the ticketing process an easy, convenient process!

With the peak summer travel season soon upon us, everyone dreads the prospect of queuing in the endless line under the searing sun at the entrance. In order to support Taipei City Government’s policy of cashless payment and smart city, Taipei Zoo has begun planning for the installation of an e-Payment System at the entrance since 2016 in order to automate the process of ticketing, ticket inspection, and admission. Now, the system has been completed and is ready to become operational. With the new ticket barriers and ticket vending machines, tourists no longer have to waste time waiting for manual ticketing and ticket inspection; in addition to entering the zoo with EasyCard, other forms of e-payment are also available including iPass, HappyCash and iCash 2.0. The visitors will be able to swipe these cards to enter the zoo without purchasing a ticket, in turn providing them with more ticketing channels to choose from.

Aside from e-ticketing, the zoo has also established a website featuring a brand new online ticketing system that enables the public to purchase tickets quickly, with 2 forms of payments are accepted: Taipei City Government’s smart payment platform “pay.taipei” and credit card. After purchasing the tickets on their smartphones, visitors can quickly enter the zoo by scanning the QRcode at the ticket barrier. For those who are accustomed to conventional tickets, they can purchase the tickets at the ticket vending machine by the zoo’s entrance by paying with cash, e-ticket, credit card, and pay.taipei. With diverse payment options available, the aim is to enhance the public’s convenience and resolve the inefficient ticketing and ticket inspection process caused by limited manpower, so as to allow the visitors to enter the zoo expediently, in turn saving time waste and the inconvenience associated with queuing.

From June 19 (Wednesday) through 28 (Friday), Taipei Zoo will be closed to the public for 10 days, during which the animals will be allowed to rest, and the zoo staff will maintain and update various facilities in the zoo! Please get ready to celebrate the reopening of the zoo soon!