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2023 National Disaster Prevention Day Event

Taipei City Fire Department held the“2023 National Disaster Prevention Day Event” at the National Taiwan Science Education Center from 13:30 to 16:30 on September 16th. In this event, there were plenty of booths in various fields, such as industries, governments, academia, NGOs, and the military. This event integrates diverse contents, such as disaster prevention knowledge, environmental sustainability, and ecological conservation. By having physical activities, citizens can learn disaster prevention knowledge easily and leisurely.


This event includes lots of booths, that are related to disaster prevention education, illustration of emergency preparedness, and the Taipei City USAR Team. Also, there are events such as “Assembly Experience”, “Scouts Experience”, and multiple wonderful stage shows. These allow the public to learn disaster prevention knowledge through games. In addition, they can win gifts after completing the stamp collection. Moreover, The Fire Department cooperates with “Ultraman” again.  By considering the monster element, children can drive the mini fire trucks and protect our city with Ultraman together. 


During this event, the Taipei City Fire Department holds a welcoming "Heart" Life Thanks Convention and especially invites firefighters, doctors, and patients who have recovered from Myocardial Infarction, to share the joy of successful collaboration between the Fire Department and the Health Department. Meanwhile, the establishment of the "Taipei Point-of-Care Ultrasound Team" (TPOCUS) allows emergent medical technicians to use ultrasound technology to diagnose injuries efficiently. For instance, post-intubation complications, air and blood accumulation in the chest or pericardium, and abdominal fluid accumulation or bleeding can be diagnosed efficiently in critical situations. 


The Fire Department states that the efficiency and effectiveness of Emergency Medical Services in Taipei City is distinguished and renowned across the country. They can quickly arrive at the scene when a disaster occurs, provide the injured with the most appropriate first aid treatment, and transport them to an appropriate hospital. They aim to enhance pre-hospital emergency medical treatments and minimize disaster casualties. This also plays an important part in disaster prevention. The Fire Department encourages the public to keep aware of the importance of disaster prevention and protect our families together.