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Follow Fun Taipei to enjoy the fun of spring.

After the joy of New Year’s Eve, winter is gone and here comes spring. It is time for a little travel. In 2016 spring issue, Fun Taipei, published by Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government, presents three Spring Tour routes. You will be able to enjoy the joy of springtime by going to Yangmingshan for spring outing, go to Neihu for strawberry-picking, or go to Dadaocheng for nostalgic atmosphere, Fun Taipei is available in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean four languages. It became really popular since been published on October of last year. Division Chief of Media Publications Division Pei-Chun HEISH says that in order to allow more foreign tourists to have it, Fun Taipei will be printed more starting current issue. It will be available for free at each Visitor Information Center, scenic spot and hotel.
In TAIPEI Tours chapter of this issue, Fun Taipei will bring readers to visit Yangmingshan, Neihu and Dadaocheng in depth. Yangmingshan, known as Taipei’s backyard garden, is one of best spot to admire the beauty of flowers. It has rich natural beauty along with hot springs. In springs on Yangmongshan, cherry blossoms and elegant calla lily blooms one after another and create a beautiful view of mountainside. As spring is coming, strawberries are turning red. December to May is strawberry season in Neihu. At the cluster of leisure farms in Neihu’s Dahu, Baishihu communities and along Bishan road, each plum, sweetening piece of fruit hangs like a bright-red lantern. It is time to enjoy flowers and berry-picking. Besides berry-picking, you can also visit Baishihu suspension bridge and scenic spots around it to enjoy springtime.
Dadaocheng was Taipei’s prime commercial hub. With time passes, it has emerged as a prime heritage neighborhood. This year, the Chinese New Year is at early February. Tourists can come to Dadaocheng to experience traditional Chinese New Year flavors. Bicycles can be rented at the waterside. Visitors can ride bicycles and enjoy the riverside along the bike path by the Tamsui River. MRT Travel Fun chapter brings readers to travel around Taipei by taking MRT. Current issue introduces the MRT Tamsui-Xinyi line which has elevated, underground and at-grade sections. The attractions which sit along this line are rich and varied. Readers can use this to plan a one-day trip. Meanwhile, Taipei Highlights chapter introduces old architectures which have been reconstructed with new style. Yuan Taipei, which was honored with silver medal in the 2015 “Old Building New Life Awards”, and Neihu Restoration Park, which was transformed from a trash tip, their heritage character and fresh new management style have given birth to distinctive new city highlights. According to HSIEH, people can use “Taipei ebooks” to read digital version of Fun Taipei through website or mobile devices. It was integrated with Google maps, so users will not worry about getting lost. Besides “Taipei ebooks”, digital version of Fun Taipei is also available on official website of Department of Information and Tourism (www.tpedoit.gov.taipei)(Chinese) and Travel.Taipei website (www.travel.taipei)(Chinese). Paper copies are expected to be delivered on 1/12 and will be available for free. For further detail please dial Taipei Citizen Hotline 1999 (For callers outside Taipei City, please dial 02-2720-8889) extends 7564, 7570.