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Mayor Attends Shuangxi Garden Villa Dismantling Ceremony

 Mayor Chiang and dignitaries standing before the complex being dismantledOn May 23, Mayor Chiang Wan-an attended the ceremony kicking off the dismantling of Shuangxi Garden Villa in Shilin District. He expressed his gratitude to the residents of the complex and members of the construction team for their efforts, enabling the removal of the hazardous structure made from concrete mixed with sea sand. With the completion date of the new buildings slated for 2027, he believes that everyone will enjoy living in a safer home. 


During his address, the mayor pointed out that the city government has always placed the dismantling of unsafe “sea sand” buildings a top priority. The replacement of such structures will allow those living inside to feel more secure. For the Shuangxi Garden Villa, the city government placed the complex on the list of sea sand structures to be monitored in 2020. 


Since then, it has acquired the signatures of 90-percent of the residents of the complex and began the process of review under the Sea Sand Building 0.968 Initiative. Despite the impact of the pandemic, the city government organized two public update sessions to secure the support from all sides. He once again thanked the team from Sunty Development and community residents for their support of confidence, making the reconstruction project a reality. 


According to Chiang, the renewed complex will be a 17-story edifice with 4 basement floors. The housing units will increase from 95 units to 148 units. Furthermore, to avoid the scenario of “living hell for pedestrians,” the parameters of the complex will also feature sidewalks with a width of three meters. The Fuzhi Park is also close by, providing residents with adequate green space. The city government’s objective is to provide residents with affordable, convenient, and safe housing environment. 


At the end of his speech, the mayor stressed that the project is an important milestone for city hall. Sea sand structure are notorious for accidents such as ceiling collapse or concrete surface peeling, which create a hazardous environment for those living inside the building. Urban renewal is a focus for the city administration, which it seeks to address through policies such as the Five Arrows of Urban Renewal, Public-organized Urban Renewal 7599 Project, and listing up Sea Sand Buildings. City hall will continue to review, evaluate, and promote renewal efforts to allow citizens to enjoy a safe and secure living environment.