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Taipei Animal Shelter: Volunteers Wanted to Help Walk Dogs

On June 28, Mayor Ko Wen-je urged the public to help care for sheltered dogs in a press event jointly organized by TAAZE online bookstore, 86 Shop, Quan Hong dog training school, and Muzuo Master.

During his address, Ko invited individuals to join the ranks of volunteers keeping company with sheltered dogs and walking the ever growing number of canines dwelling in Taipei Animal Shelter (TAS). This is very important – especially after the implementation of the zero-euthanasia policy this year.

The mayor reckoned that Taipei has been dedicated to the promotion of animal-friendly measures including the establishment of dog parks, pet friendly stores, and cats and dogs school. The campaign of expanding the number of animal protection volunteers aims at helping sheltered dogs overcome their fear of humans and strange surroundings, thereby increasing their chances of adoption and prospects for finding a new home.

According to Animal Protection Office (APO), TAS currently shelters approximately 420 dogs, 360 of whom need walking every day. However, only 70 dogs on average have the opportunity to exercise outside each day due to limited manpower. APO hopes to enroll 175 more volunteers to help out, so that most of the furry denizens will be able to go for a walk on a daily basis.

APO added that with the much-anticipated introduction of smart TAS management system in the third quarter of 2017, volunteers will be able to scan the barcode of respective dog crates using their mobile devices before taking the animal out for a walk. The system will automatically calculate the calories burned for each sheltered canine, contributing to quantitative data analysis for the wellbeing of the animals.

For those interested in volunteering, please sign up by calling Mr. Hsieh at 02-8791-3254, ext. 3252.