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Taipei City’s Recycled Kitchen Waste Turns into Organic Fertilizer

Students enjoying gardening fun The Taipei City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) stated on November 7 that recycled organic waste for compost in the city is processed into organic fertilizers by registered fertilizer manufacturers.

Applications to obtain organic fertilizer for Q4 of 2019 will begin at the Farm City online platform at 11:00 on November 11. Due to the limited availability of the fertilizers, the DEP reminds citizens to apply promptly online.

The DEP commented that recycled kitchen waste in Taipei City is divided into organic waste for compost and organic waste for pig feed. Organic waste for compost is processed into organic fertilizer by registered manufacturers and starting from 2017, some of them are given back to Taipei City to promote Farm City. The organic fertilizers are distributed to Taipei citizens quarterly via 12 distribution locations for the convenience of the public. Taipei citizens may apply for organic fertilizer through the Farm City online platform, limited to 10 kg per person.

Organic fertilizer distribution for Q3 of 2019 concluded on September 6, and a total of 4,632 citizens and 127 Farm City participating organizations collected organic fertilizers during the first 3 quarters of the year.

The campaign will continue to be implemented in the future, inviting more citizens to join the ranks of Farm City, thereby transforming Taipei into a green, eco-friendly, and circular city.