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Concert at Taipei 228 Memorial Museum

Singer Christine Hsu performing at the event
The Taipei 228 Memorial Museum hosted the Centennial Memorial Concert for Taiwanese musician Deng Yu-sian on July 29. He is the composer of many well-known Taiwanese music pieces including “Longing for the Spring Wind (Wang Chun Feng)” and “Flowers on a Rainy Night (Yu Ye Hua).” During his address, Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou recalled that in his days at National Taiwan University, Deng’s work “Longing for the Spring Wind” was often considered the school song. Many of his fellow students would hum many of his songs by heart. Ma noted that while many historical figures may appear as an average person during their lifetime, they eventually become larger than life when their accomplishments are viewed from a modern viewpoint. Deng’s songs are a good example of this phenomenon; his work is still remembered today for the energy and comfort it brings to the audience. The Department of Cultural Affairs Commissioner Sebastian Liao remarked that the memorial concert comes with an exhibition portion, to give visitors a complete and well-rounded understanding of the period in history when these pieces were created. This is also to establish a bond between the composer and its modern listeners. Singer Christine Hsu performed the piece “Longing for the Spring Wind” – the song written by Deng when he was twenty-six years old. Artist Hsieh Yu-wei provided a modern interpretation to the songs “Under the Flower Tree (Hua Shu Xia)” and “Eighteen-year-old Maiden (Shi Ba Gu Niang).” The orchestra from National Taipei University performed the pieces “Loving the Year Round (Si Ji Hong)” and “Flowers on a Rainy Night.” The Exhibition at Taipei 228 Memorial Hall on Deng’s life will continue until September 10. Contents of the exhibition include manuscripts, records, and old pictures from the golden period of the composer’s career.