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Reduce Medical Waste, Pharmacists at Your Services

To avoid the environmental pollution and endangerment of the public's health which is caused by improper disposal of medical waste, the Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Protection of Taipei City Government are working with the "Taipei Pharmacists Association", the "Pharmacist Association of Taipei City" and other agencies to set up local take-back stations. Over 350 "Taipei City Household Medical Waste Take-Back Station" at 300 community pharmacies, 51 hospital pharmacies, and 12 district health centers has been established. The aim is to promote the safe usage of medication, reduce medical resource waste, and provide channels for taking back medical waste. This service will continue expanding if public demands are high.
The Department of Health of Taipei City Government initiated the "Taipei City Household Medical Waste Take-Back Station" program on April 2, 2010. In the period after the program was initiated until 2012, 47,195.29kg of medical waste was taken back through community pharmacies, several Taipei municipal hospitals, and 12 district health centers. These taken-back medical wastes included 29,277.87kg of solid medical waste, 4,297.22kg of recyclable medical container waste (cartons or bottles), 7,203.10kg of liquid medical waste, and 6,417.10kg of waste syringes (tubes or needles).

You will find an easily recognized sign "Taipei City Household Medical Waste Take-Back Station" at each location. Pharmacists at each station will classify the medical waste accordingly: (1) solid medical waste; (2) liquid medical waste; (3) waste syringes (tubes or needles); (4) recyclable medical container waste (cartons or bottles). The pharmacists will also provide educational information on the correct storage of medicine, and methods on how to self-inspect medicine, to improve medical safety knowledge.
If you have any inquiries or concerns, please consult the official websites of Department of Health and Taipei Pharmacists Association, or call the Citizen Hotline to contact us on 1999, extension 7105 (For callers outside of Taipei City, please dial 02-27208889).