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Flowers Bloom at Beitou Shan Tseng-chi Park

Flower field at Shan Tseng-chi ParkMany people enjoy the fireworks spectacles at Taipei 101 on New Year’s Eve. However, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) would like to remind the public that there is another place in Taipei that continues to mesmerize visitors with dazzling colors – the fields of flowers at the Beitou Shan Tseng-chi Park.
With over 16,000 lavenders in full bloom inside the park’s parameters, visitors are able to enjoy the sight encompassing rows upon rows of plants growing along the slopes. The wave of purple is quite a sight to behold.
According to Director Huang of PSLO, the floral scene at Shan Tseng-chi Park was well received by visitors last year. To express its gratitude to residents, the agency has prolonged the event period to cover both New Year’s Day and the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday. Gardeners and staff members have completed the rotation of flowers in preparation for the second half of the flower season. In the Chinese world, the color purple represents good luck, while lavender symbolizes purity in the West. The agency seeks to present citizens with New Year’s well wishes in the form of a colorful landscape.
Chief Lin of PSLO Yangmingshan Park Management Division pointed out that the exhibition at Shan Tseng-chi Park is one of the activities under the “Flower IN Taipei” event. PSLO plans to organize a press conference on January 20 with live streaming. Event participants will have a chance to enter a raffle with prizes including Apple Watch and more.
The agency reminds visitors at the park to observe social distancing and wear face masks. For more information, please visit PSLO’s Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/taipeiflowers) or the website of Flower IN Taipei (https://flowersfestival.taipei/index.php).