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Mayor Attends Taichung MRT Inauguration Ceremony

Operations of the Taichung MRT’s Green Line officially began on April 25. Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived in Taichung to attend the ceremony. During his speech, he pointed out that help and support across various sectors made it possible for the completion and the opening of the new MRT system.
During the ceremony, Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen praised the effort of staff members from Taipei’s Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) who have been stationed Taichung to work on the construction of the new metro system since 2009. They include director Li Cheng-chung, director Chang Yung-chang, director Hung Chung-kun, and deputy chief engineer Chen Mao-sheng.
Ko pointed out that transportation infrastructure is an important foundation for the nation’s development, and mass transit plays a key role. Among the choices of public transportation networks, the MRT network is the most expensive and requires the longest time. Currently, there are 5 cities in Taiwan with MRT systems: Taipei’s MRT took-off in 1996, while Kaohsiung’s system opened in 2008, followed by Taoyuan in 2017, and New Taipei in 2018. The latest city to have its own MRT system is Taichung.
The mayor remarked that as the first on the island to be involved with MRT system operation, DORTS accumulated much experience over the years and often play a role in the development of MRT systems constructed in other cities. Taipei City was commissioned by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in 2008 and Taichung City Government in 2016 respectively to handle the construction of the Green Line’s main infrastructure, as well as the joint entrances of MRT stations and related land development buildings. After the project’s completion today, the train system will be handed over to Taichung City Government for operations.
Mayor Ko explained that the overall construction cost of the metro system spanning 16.71 kilometers and 18 stations has been reduced by roughly NT$3 billion which is more befitting of his personal style. He also praised the efforts of all the teams involved with the construction, noting that their input allows the MRT to open to the public on time. This accomplishment also bears witness to the dedication and responsibility of the professional team under DORTS.