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City Announces Garbage Collection Schedule for 2021 CNY Holiday

Schedule for CNY holiday trash collectionThe Department of Environmental Protection has published its schedule for trash collection for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Furthermore, it also announced a one month-long, end-of-the-year cleanup campaign lasting from today through February 3, allowing residents to dispose of unwanted furniture and other oversized waste before the arrival of Chinese New Year.
For the 2021 CNY holiday period (February 10 through 16), trash collection service will be available on the day before Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 10) despite being a Wednesday. Garbage trucks will accept standard trash, kitchen waste, recycled waste, and oversized waste.
On Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 11), additional garbage trucks will be dispatched for afternoon and evening trash collection, so bring your household garbage out when you hear the familiar garbage truck melody!
Trash collection will be suspended for the first three days of Chinese New Year. Regular garbage, kitchen waste, and recycled waste collection service will resume on the fourth day of Chinese New Year (February 15). Removal of oversized waste will begin on the sixth day of Chinese New Year (February 17).
For collection of unwanted large furniture and oversized household appliances, DEP reminds the public to make appointments by calling the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline ASAP to avoid the busier dates right before Chinese New Year. After confirming the pickup time and location, the furniture can be moved to the agreed spot and the agency will dispatch personnel to remove the item(s). Do not dispose of the unwanted items before appointment confirmation.
For waste with mixed recyclable and non-recyclable components such as helmets, umbrellas, trophies, suitcases, mops, brooms, flag poles, and clothes drying poles, you can bring them to the garbage trucks and the waste collectors will take them for you without the need of using prepaid trash bags.
For more information, please visit the Chinese website of DEP: https://www.dep.gov.taipei/