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Taipei City Migrant Worker Training Course Achievement Exhibition Kicks Off at Taipei Main Station

Students at one of the training classes for migrant workers The Taipei City International Migrant Worker Vocational Training Course Achievement Exhibition will be held at Taipei Main Station’s multifunctional performance hall on November 10, 2019. This year, a total of 18 courses saw participation from 227 migrant workers, endowing them with an abundance of new knowledge. For the exhibition, students from the Mandarin, Home Care and Cooking, and Hairdressing and Makeup classes all demonstrated their fruitful accomplishments over the last couple of months by staging a performance.

The Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office (FDLO) launched the Learning Program for Foreign Workers, featuring a multitude of classes that have attracted many migrant workers. Through learning, the migrant workers will be able to enhance their communication and work skills. According to students of the Mandarin class, learning Chinese enables them to understand the needs of the employers and the persons they are looking after, hence they hope to continue learning in these classes. Furthermore, the Home Care and Cooking class this year allows many migrant workers to learn how to take care of senior citizens with dementia, while learning Chinese culinary techniques also helps them cater to the tastes of the persons they are taking care of. For migrant workers who are nearing the end of their stint in Taiwan, the Hairdressing and Makeup class allows them to acquire a second set of work skills to pursue their future careers after returning to their own country.

The key to the success of this year’s training course lies in the enthusiasm of the migrant workers and their employers. Special thanks go out to the Taiwanese employers who have encouraged the migrant workers to participate in the course during the holidays because their support has increased the migrant workers’ motivation to learn.

According to the FDLO, the purpose of organizing the wide array of activities and classes is to help migrant workers in Taiwan to adapt to living in the country. The achievement exhibition held for the course not only allows the people of Taiwan to see the diligent, hardworking attitude of migrant workers but also help them get acquainted with each other and respect the differences in culture and lifestyle. At the same time, the courses also embody the city’s spirit of cultural diversity and inclusion.

The achievement exhibition boasts a diverse selection of activities including Chinese song singing performance by migrant worker students, a gourmet experience, and challenge games; in addition, information pertaining to long-term care is also provided along with several surprise prize giveaways, creating an exotic, festive vibe for the participants, and the public is also invited to join the activities. For further event-related details, please contact the FDLO at (02)2338-1600#4209, or refer to the Hand in Hand in Taipei Facebook fan page.