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DSW, Philanthropic Enterprise Launch “Glasses of Love Facilitates Reading” Campaign

“Glasses of Love Facilitates Reading” Campaign The Department of Social Welfare (DSW) has collaborated with an anonymous philanthropic enterprise to provide free optometry and reading glasses service for senior citizens in public or private nursing homes in Taipei City as of July. In addition, the agency and Grace Optical also offers free reading glasses for financially disadvantaged senior citizens belong to low income or mid to low income group.

According to Social Welfare Commissioner Chen Shiue-hui, presbyopia usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 45 due to the aging of the human body. However, presbyopia is often not treated in time due to the lack of eye care concepts, therefore it is hoped that the service will provide senior citizens with a clearer vision and better life!

Through Taipei City Councilor Wang Hao’s facilitation, the DSW is able to join hands with a philanthropic enterprise that wishes to remain anonymous to provide free optometry and reading glasses service for senior citizens in 7 public and private nursing homes, including: Taipei Zhi-Shan Senior Home, Taipei City Chao-Ju Senior Home, Da-Long Elderly Residence, Zhongshan Seniors Housing, Julung Elderly Apartment, Yang-Ming Senior Citizens’ Housing, and Wen-Shan Senior Assistant Living Home. In other words, these senior citizens no longer have to visit an optician to fit reading glasses.

On the other hand, the city government has also collaborate with Grace Optical to offer 500 pairs of free glasses and fitting service to senior citizens with low income or mid-to-low income through the DSW’s senior service centers across all 12 districts.

Chen emphasized that most senior citizens frequently purchase off-the-shelf reading glasses at retail stores for the sake of convenience. However, the eye is an extremely sophisticated organ, therefore wearing random reading glasses that do not cater to their needs and without having their eyes examined first may not necessary alleviate the eyesight problem; in fact, there is a chance that doing so might exacerbate the situation!

The commissioner commented that Taipei City needs to put in place a sustainable long-term care system for senior citizens in the future; Taipei City focuses on the elderly people’s health, peace of mind, dignity, and welfare as the service goals to formulate comprehensive, localized, and community-based elderly care programs in order to let them live, recreate and retire in the community that they are familiar with. The ultimate aim is to engender a senior citizen friendly, healthy, and livable city of happiness.