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Rock N Roll with Thai rock band Slot Machine in Taipei

To actively invest in the ASEAN tourism market, the Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism had attended the tourism conference at Thailand in June and invited the Thai rock band, Slot Machine, who is also referred to as the Thai Mayday with China Airlines to visit Taipei. Slot Machine travelled through the streets and alleys of Taipei, tried the local cuisine and even played music with the 2017 Universiade mascot, Bravo. Bravo passionately showed the members of Slot Machine how to be a local Taipei-er and has made the promise to meet each other next year at the Universiade.
After being nominated as the Best Southeast Asian Act several times by the MTV Europe Music awards and hitting 84 million views on Youtube for their hit song KLOEM as well as over 2.07 million fans on Facebook, Slot Machine has become the most internationally known rock band in Thailand. The members of Slot Machine: singer Foet, bassist Gak, drummer Auto and guitarist Vit has visited Taiwan several times and will be attending the SUPER SLIPPA 2016 PART 7 in late July this year.
Knowing the influence of Slot Machine in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, the Department of Information and Tourism invited the members of Slot Machine to visit Dadaocheng, the historical site mixed with modern elements, Eslite, the haven for cultural and creative activities, Ximending, the fast fashion district and try the unique mix of mala hot pot with ice cream. Slot Machine has also been updating their Facebook fan page while they were in Taipei to allow their fans to experience the Taipei-er tour.
Visiting Taipei at the same time as typhoon Nepartak, Slot Machine happily attended the Welcome Ceremony and greeted the audience with Chinese. The 2017 Universiade mascot Bravo also attended the ceremony as a surprise for Slot Machine. According to Bravo, the lover of music and dancing, he has always wanted to be part of a rock band since he was little and has been eyeing the spot for attending the ceremony ever since he knew that Slot Machine was coming to Taipei and has even brought his own tambourine in the hopes of joining Slot Machine. Slot Machine expressed on the cuteness of Bravo and jokingly considered his wish for joining their band. Thereafter, Slot Machine and Bravo performed a segment of their hit song, inspiring laughter all around the audience and Bravo invited Slot Machine as well as other Thai tourists to attend the 2017 Universiade with him.
Foet states that Slot Machine has been frequenting Taipei for the past few years and that Taipei fans are very enthusiastic and talented as they could sing their Thai songs. While at Taipei, Slot Machine likes to transport via the Taipei Metro and Foet goes on to exclaim the convenience and cleanliness of the Taipei Metro. They also like attractions such as Taipei 101 and Longshan Temple and will share their experiences in Taipei on Facebook as well as invite Thai tourists to experience the enthusiasm and friendliness of the citizens of Taipei on their own.
Commissioner of the Department of Information and Tourism Yu-yen Chien explains that other than the Singaporean and Malaysian Muslim tourism market, Taipei has also been actively investing in the ASEAN tourism market with a focus first on Thailand. According to statistics, the number of Thai tourists to Taipei in 2015 has increased by 20,000, reaching a 50,000 total and a 53.3% increase compared to 2014. Additionally, the 2015 Global Travel Intentions Study by VISA states that an average of 44000 THB is spent per trip by Thai tourists and that they usually travel to closer countries, with Japan being the most popular trip, followed by Singapore, China, Hong Kong and South Korea. Each trip has an average of 6 days and 5 hours of travel time, and Thai tourists usually travel with friends. Based on the results of this study, Taipei is the top choice for Asian countries with its low-value consumption way of life, convenient transportation and friendly locals. With the most flights in Thailand, China Airlines predicts around 6000-6500 tourists every week after the visa restrictions loosen up and other low-cost airlines offer flights to Thailand.
During the afternoon of this trip, Slot Machine would be visiting Eslite and Ximending as well as trying mala hot pot at night. Those who are interested can visit the Taipei Travel Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/taipeitravel)(Chinese) to see the details of Slot Machine’s trips.