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Neihu District Urban Renewal Service Desks Open Their Doors

*On March 7, 2019, Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (URO) Director Fang Ting-An presided over the opening ceremony of the first of several Urban Renewal Service Desks in Taipei’s Neihu District.
The service desks will advise neighborhood residents on the legal aspects of remodeling and renovating homes and shared spaces, adding elevators, and issues relating to the Regulation of Speeding up the Reconstruction of Hazardous and Old Buildings, a document issued by the Taipei City Construction Management Office. The service desks are informal places for individuals or groups of local residents to gather the information and guidance they need for remodeling, renovation and other improvements to their neighborhood.
At the opening ceremony, Director Fang said that in addition to the existing Urban Renewal Service Desks at major urban renewal areas around Taipei such as the Shuiyuan Resettled Tenement and the Siwen Borough Renewal Project in the Datong District, the URO has been setting up such service desks in every district of the city since August 2018 to offer residents close and informal service points to discuss their urban renewal needs. In January alone, 600 residents dropped by to give suggestions or ask for advice. The service desk staff also visited old neighborhoods such as the community with buildings constructed of sea sand to reach out to local residents to understand their needs and wishes for their neighborhood, and to offer advice for improving their immediate living environment. So far 27 seminars about the legal aspects of urban renewal have been held.
The opening event was attended by Neihu District Office Secretary Chao Kuo-hua, Lushan Borough Chief Hsu Ming-chuan, Xikang Borough Chief Wang Hsing-kuo, Anhu Borough Chief Yu Shu-wang, Minghu Borough Chief He Ying-hsien, Huzhou Borough Chief Tseng Hung-chang, Yuekang Borough Chief Chang Pi-yu, Kangning Borough Chief Cheng Hsiu-feng, Baohu Borough Chief Chiu Hsien-sung, Xian Borough Chief Li Kuo-jung, Hubin Borough Chief Chen Yu-hsueh, and interested local residents.
Many communities see construction companies move in to undertake renovation projects, noted a Borough Chief, adding that he hoped that the Urban Renewal Service Desks would help residents sort truth from misleading information to protect their rights and interests. Hong Zhisheng, Deputy Manager of the Taipei Urban Regeneration Center and overseer of the Urban Renewal Service Desks, expressed his confidence that the desks will be of great help to inform residents about the ins and outs of urban renewal through legal seminars and consultations for both individuals and groups.
The Neihu District Urban Renewal Service Desk is located at 1F, No. 6, Lane 359, Section 1, Neihu Road, Neihu District, Taipei City. Its opening hours are 13:30-17:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For further information, please call (02) 2658-5090, 2658-5091, or 2781-5696 ext. 3093, 08:30-17:30 from Monday through Friday. The staff will be happy to help you.