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A Taste of Hakka at Celebration Canada

To commemorate the 150th Canada Day, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (CCCT) and the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei joined hands in holding the Celebration Canada at the Hakka Cultural Park on July 1.
This year marks the fifth consecutive year for the event organizers to hold the activity at the park. In the interest of enhancing ties and encouraging international exchange, the park authority presented a gigantic Hakka rice cake to CCCT and the Canadian Trade Office which represents the Hakka way of celebrating the joy of birth.
Chairman Tseng Nian-yeou of the Hakka Affairs Commission (HAC) pointed out that the Hakka rice cake was used as offerings to the God of Earth when praying for arrival of baby boys for the family. When the wish comes true, the family will gift members of the entire village with these rice cakes to share their joy.
The woodcut mold used for creating the giant rice cake is the work of master craftsman Cheng Yung-bin, who replaced the traditional Chinese-themed design with those of maple leaves and snowflakes.
In addition to setting up a display area featuring the gigantic woodcut mold, broadcast of a documentary film on how the mold and rice cake was created, and introduction to traditional hakka rice cakes, there are also booths on making Hakka tea and learning Hakka language.