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Transforming Trash to Treasures: Neihu Recycled Furniture Auction House

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that Taipei’s achievement in resource recycling is now an important attraction in city diplomacy. In recent years, delegations from over 30 cities across the world have visited the Neihu Recycled Furniture Auction House to learn about Taipei’s waste reduction and recycling policies.

Among the visitors, elementary and middle school students from Hong Kong appear to be the most interested in learning about the policies. Hong Kong generates roughly 13,000 tons of waste each day, which are placed in landfills. However, according to one of the visiting teachers from Hong Kong, the willingness of the public to cooperate with recycling efforts is low, as the business is handled by private sector operators.

In comparison, the residents here have accepted the idea of waste classification and recycling, with the results becoming evident in waste reduction numbers. This concept is important for Hong Kong’s elementary school and middle school students, attracting nearly 20 elementary and middle school delegations to the facility over the past two years.

A production team for a show in Singapore also visited the institution to record footage of Taipei’s recycling and waste collection scenes. The highly developed country with land area of 710 square kilometers and a population of 5.3 million is extremely impressed by Taipei’s accomplishment in recycling and reuse of resources.

The institution also received two designers from Spain who are visiting Taipei to learn about the reuse of unwanted furniture. There have also been several delegations from South Korea’s environmental protection agencies visiting the institution to conduct exchanges.