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Mayor Thanks Borough Chiefs for Role in Outbreak Prevention Efforts

Outbreak prevention tool bag Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je attended the outbreak prevention tool bag gifting ceremony this afternoon (March 26).

The Department of Civil Affairs also invited the presidents of the Borough Chief Networking Associations throughout the 12 districts in Taipei City as well as 12 district directors to join the event. According to Ko, with the escalating outbreak situation, many citizens returning from Europe and the US are subjected to home quarantine, while the number of confirmed imported cases is also on the rise. At present, more than 10,000 citizens under home isolation and home quarantine in Taipei City are being monitored by village chiefs and village secretaries – it is an enormous undertaking.

The mayor said that although the city government’s software development for smart tracking technology is almost completed, a demonstration can soon be conducted for the central government. He believes it is preferable to alleviate the burden of borough chiefs and secretaries with smart technology, but before the technology is officially online, there is still plenty of work to be done by the village chiefs, secretaries, and disaster relief volunteers.

Ko pointed out that advance preparation is important, and since the borough chiefs and secretaries are entrusted with the task of monitoring citizens under home quarantine, they should be given the appropriate equipment. Consequently, the city government has provided them with the outbreak prevention tool bag containing surgical masks, rubbing alcohol, bleach, gloves, and forehead thermometer. Except for the regular gear forehead thermometer, everything else must be replenished monthly to offer tools that enable the village chiefs and secretaries to protect themselves.

Mayor Ko thanked the hard work of the borough chiefs for monitoring over 10,000 people under home quarantine, which is truly a monumental task. With approximately 20 new confirmed cases daily, many of which are imported cases, it signifies that the domestic outbreak control measures are still effective, so he pleaded that everyone keep up the good work, and if the equipment needs to be expanded or updated, borough chiefs may contact the city government anytime.