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Mayor Visits Veterans at Single Retirement Dorms Ahead of Dragon Boat Festival

Mayor Ko visiting the singles retirement dorm for veteransMayor Ko Wen-je stopped by to greet the elderly single veterans living at Dawo Xinshe Retiree Dormitory in Xinyi District and Fanglanshan Retiree Dormitory in Daan District. He wished them an early Happy Dragon Boat Festival.
The mayor was accompanied by staff members from the military, Taipei City Veterans Service Office, district office, Lian Borough and Xuefu Borough.
Through his conversations with the veterans, the mayor hopes to learn if they needed anything and what daily life for them is like, in the interest of providing the most effective service and care. He also presented the retirees with gifts for the holidays, as well as a special gift for a 105 years old resident of Dawo Dorm surnamed Hu.
Ko pointed out that even though the pandemic has shown signs of subsiding, senior citizens should not let their guards down. As summer begins, they should maintain sufficient water intake and remain aware of their own health to withstand the overwhelming heat. If they require any help, the retirees can contact the city government through the Department of Compulsory Military Service.
Compulsory Military Service Commissioner Fu Yung-mao remarked that there is a total of 13 singles retirement dorms for veterans in Taipei City – the highest concentration of such facilities in Taiwan. The average age of the veterans is over 90 years old. It is customary for Mayor Ko to lead city officials in visiting the retirees on the eve of 3 major holidays.