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City to Introduce First Garden City Park by End of the Year

The Public Works Department (PWD) will overhaul the Xinyi 415 Park to create the first “Garden City Park” of Taipei. The park’s completion date is slated for the end of 2016.
Situated in the vicinity of Taipei Medical University, the Xinyi 415 Park has remained an open green space with basic adornments over the years. Due to its location near schools, commercial circles, and the local district office, PWD attempts to provide more meaning to this green space from the perspectives of sustainable environment, social connection, and agricultural issues, following the guidelines of Garden City.
According to Director Huang Li-yuan of the Parks and Street Lights Office, the Xinyi 415 Park combines the concepts of Garden City, Edible Landscaping, and Green Lifestyle to become a “second generation park.”
To incorporate the expectations and views of local residents, the City organized two public input sessions in March. From these sessions, the participants expressed their in merging the advantages for obtaining great views of Taipei 101 with the needs of day-to-day life. In response, the park’s design places the main focus on sight viewing while incorporating the concept of gardening.
The entire park is covered by permeable paving with an installed rainwater harvesting system. This layout is expected to provide 14 tons of water after treatment which can be used for watering the vanilla garden.