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Drama Based on Award-winning Script to Take Place at Hakka Park

The Che Zhi Theatre will be staging the play “Sea” at the Taipei Hakka Cultural Park from August 19 to 21.

“Sea” is based on the first place winner in the script category of the 17th Taipei Literature Festival. The story highlights the complicated relations between the consciousness of a “traditional family” and the individual consciousness of each member from a Hakka Family.

The production also invited multimedia talents to handle different aspects of the work, including Golden Melody Awards winner and visual designer Blaire Ko, lighting designer Chiang Chi-yang, and stage designer Ron Chang.

According to director Chen Hsin-ling, the play attempts to pick up moments from the family’s daily life to recreate the portrait of the family, similar to the concept portrayed in Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory” where time (people) and space (relations) become faded, contorted, and merged. The real world and the imaginary counterpart interact throughout the play to contrast concepts such as living and life, silence and indifference.

There will be four shows in total – 7:30 PM on August 19; 2:30 PM on August 20; 7:30 PM on August 20; and 2:30 PM on August 21.

Tickets are available through the NTCH Ticketing System. Early bird deals of 15-percent discount will be available through July 30. For more information, please visit the following Chinese website: http://goo.gl/n2EUZ6