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86 Percent of Citizens are Satisfied with Taipei City Government’s COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Measures

According to the latest poll conducted by the Taipei City Government Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission(RDEC) on epidemic prevention issues, up to 86% of the poll respondents are satisfied with Taipei City’ Government’s performance in epidemic prevention measures so far. When it comes to the questions regarding the dissatisfaction with the city’s epidemic prevention work, over 55% of respondents think they are all good and there is no disadvantage with epidemic prevention. Moreover, in the case of multiple selections and no prompting of options, only 24% of respondents expressed their opinions. The top three complaints were "Uncertainty in civilian epidemic prevention measures (such as department stores, markets, snack bars and other places that have not fully implemented the policy of wearing masks)" (11%), "Insufficient public awareness of epidemic prevention" (5%), and "Inconvenient to buy masks  (queuing for a long time, difficult to access children sized masks, etc.)” (4%).
As for the assistance that the city government can provide in the future, 40% of them have no comments, and about 40% have comments. The top three opinions were "Provide epidemic prevention information" (13%) and "Provide spare masks when masks are mandatory. "(11%), "Provide self-pay testing for COVID-19" (5%), and " Better and cheaper masks" or " No purchase limitation in the real-name system " were also in considerable proportion (4%).

Brand New Opening of Taipei Pop Music Center
In addition, the Taipei Pop Music Center officially opened on September 5 and successfully held a test concert in the performance hall. This survey also investigated the Taipei Pop Music Center and the participation of citizens in their cultural activities. 45% of the citizens know that the Taipei Pop Music Center has been completed, 55% still have no idea, 66% would like to walk around, take photos and check-in. Of those who know it has been completed, 48% know that the concert has been opened. Forty percent knows the planning content of TPMC South or North Base.
In terms of participation in cultural activities, the proportion of citizens participating in cultural activities has slightly decreased compared with the previous survey (August 108). About 17% of citizens have participated in concerts in the past year, and 13% have seen dramas or Dance and other performance activities. Overall, 52% of citizens are satisfied with the city's performance in promoting cultural activities, 15% are not satisfied, and 32% don't know or have no opinion. Under the condition of multiple selections and no prompting, we have asked 181 people who were dissatisfied with the reasons. The top three were "insufficient publicity" (68%), "(the event itself) not well-known" (39%), "(The activity itself) is not popular enough" (13%).

Statistical Method and Data Analysis 
The Poll was conducted by RDEC September 1 through 4 among a random national sample of 1,232 adults reached on landlines by the Taipei City Government (157 effective samples). Results for the full sample have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.79 percentage points.