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​Finland Trade Center Invites City Hall to the 2021 Nordic Sustainable Energy Forum

​Finland Trade Center Invites City Hall to the 2021 Nordic Sustainable Energy ForumRepresentative Mikko Karppinen, Senior Advisor Jere Tala, and Advisor Chang Hung-yi from the Finland Trade Center in Taiwan arrived Taipei City Hall for a courtesy visit on October 26.
On behalf of Mayor Ko Wen-je, Commissioner of International Affairs Tom Chou met with the guests to discuss possible collaborations on future projects. Representative Karppinen took the opportunity to invite Taipei City Government to attend the 2021 Nordic Sustainable Energy and Environmental Forum slated for November 30.
Commissioner Chou noted that Mayor Ko led a city delegation to Finland in January of 2020. During the two-day visit, Taipei’s delegation received a warm welcome from Finnish agencies. The mayor is very impressed by how the Finns are able to merge design into their daily life.
During the meeting, Chou briefed the delegation members on the various accomplishments of the city administration team and possible future collaborations. He noted that in addition to a convenient transportation system, Taipei City boasts a comprehensive medical care system and a safe environment, as well as numerous business opportunities.
Representative Karppinen pointed out that Finland excels in areas such as cybersecurity, sustainable energy, environmental-friendly technology, and green transportation. It leads the world in innovative industries such as medical care and long-term care. The representative office is willing to serve as the point-of-contact for arranging experience-sharing sessions between city hall and Finland’s public and private sectors.
According to Chou, the principles advocated by the upcoming Nordic Sustainable Energy Forum corresponds with those of Taipei City Hall. The city government offers its full support for the event. In addition to the mayor attending the event in person and delivering an address, staff members from the departments of environmental protection and transportation will also organize presentations on Taipei’s resource recycling and green transportation policies.