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June 18th: Ming-Chang Chen and the Formosa Danshui Wandering Minstrels concert

Musician Ming-Chang Chen and the Formosa Danshui Wandering Minstrels will be performing on Saturday June 18th at 5pm at the Plum Garden Fun event by the Department of Information and Tourism. Everyone is welcome to participate and to listen to the traditional Taiwanese folk songs.
Shi-Jia Wang, Chief of City Tourism Service in the Department of Information and Tourism explains that the two-stringed lute (yueqin) is the king of Taiwanese instruments. The yueqin is the main instrument active in Taiwanese Operas, Nankuan Operas, Peikuan Operas, and Car-Drum Parades Often described as representative of the heartbeat to Taiwanese culture, the yueqin conveys the wonders and beauty of living in the countryside. The performance by Ming-Chang Chen and the Formosa Danshui Wandering Minstrels will allow audiences to experience the charm of Taiwanese Folk Songs in the Plum Garden in Beitou on a cool summer night.
Wang also points out that Plum Garden is an extremely important historical site in Beitou, as well as a popular destination for tourists in Beitou. Because of this, opening hours will extend ‘til 6pm on Saturdays (June 18, June 25, and July 16) for visitors to deepen their understandings of this site on weekends. Moreover, visitors will have a chance to receive delicate bamboo fans with the theme of the Beitou bird and flowers, crafted by artist Feng-Li Zhen, through the giveaway of 80 bamboo fans during the performance. Audiences can line up for number cards half an hour prior to the performance and will able to trade the number card for a bamboo fan at the end of the performance. Join as in the Plum Garden for a relaxing concert!
More information on the Taipei tourism website (http://www.travel.taipei) (Chinese)and the Plum Garden Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/PlumgardenFun)(Chinese) . Or contact us at 1999 (02-27208889#3343 for non-Taipei callers).