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​Mayor Attends Inauguration of Kainan Youthfulness Lecture Hall

​Mayor Attends Inauguration of Kainan Youthfulness Lecture HallOn December 2, Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the Taipei Kainan High School to attend the plaque unveiling ceremony of the long-term care institution Kainan Youthfulness Lecture Hall jointly created by the Department of Education (DOE), Department of Social Welfare (DSW), and the school.
Before the ceremony, the mayor chatted with the elderly as they enjoyed their meals and joined them in singing karaoke. He also took some time to learn more about the hardware at the center, including rehabilitation machines and technological devices to assist senior citizens when they visit the center.
During his address, the mayor stressed that we should invest efforts to identify the optimal long-care scheme for Taiwan as soon as possible. He also calls upon the students interning at the Kainan Youth Lecture Hall to help find a solution to resolve the challenges under an aging society.
Ko pointed out that regardless of the adjustments and revision of Taiwan’s long-term care policy, the key factor is trying to design a long-term care mechanism that is suited for Taiwan. He emphasized two elements that might us move closer to the goal: the collaboration between industry and the academia, and continued studies into the different aspects of long-term care by schools and research institutions.
Taking Kainan High School as an example, he praised the school for not only setting up the Care Services Program to nurture domestic caretaking talents, but also working with the city government to establish the Kainan Youthfulness Lecture Hall, making it the first school in Taiwan to enter school-industry collaboration in long-term care. Students have the chance to sign up for internships and obtain hands-on experience with caregiving.
The mayor remarked that the Kainan Youth Lecture Hall is made possible through the partnership among DOE, DSW, and Kainan High School. The city government can benefit from the studies of Kainan High School in the area of education to help figure out the best approach towards long-term care for Taipei and Taiwan.