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Announcing the 2006 Taipei Cultural Passport

DOCA Commissioner Sebastian Liao with a wall of stamps: each stamp represents a featured site in the passport
Are you looking for historical and cultural sites in Taipei but have no idea where to go? Or are you simply looking for a nice place in the city to relax? Worry no more. The acclaimed Taipei Cultural Passport is back! The “2006 Cultural Passport – A Perfect Day in Taipei” event will take place from July 30 until September 30. The Department of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) introduced the new 2006 version of the Taipei Cultural Passport recently. This year’s edition contains information on a variety of cultural and historical spots throughout the city and county of Taipei. In addition to the 35 featured locations, the passport also includes 27 walking routes and 157 arts and cultural points of interest. The selection of sites is arranged as several quick and informative one-day trips – a typical trip involves seven locations. Of course, these destinations stops can be rearranged into 300,000 other combinations. To facilitate the process of locating these cultural sites, the DOCA also included the map coordinates, which allow users of electronic maps, PDA, and GPS devices to find the directions to the locations faster. For residents who manage to visit at least five destinations listed in the passport, a can be filled out and submitted to the drawing box at any of the featured sites for a raffle. For those adventurous souls that collected all 35 stamps, a special gift at the DOCA can be picked up with the completed form. According to the department, a total of 70,000 volumes of the Chinese version and 10,000 volumes of the English version are available free of charge to the public. For an edition of the English passport, a copy can be obtained from the DOCA at Taipei City Hall and affiliated locations, Eslite bookstores, major hotels, Songshan Airport, and CKS Airport. For the Chinese version, in addition to the location mentioned above, copies can be found at the local MRT stations, the Taipei City Tourist Information Centers, major bookstore chains, and major performance and exhibition venues.