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Mayor Casts Ballot for 2016 General Election

Mayor Ko Wen-ji and his wife Chen Pei-chi arrived at the polling station at Jinou Girls High School to cast their ballot for the island’s 2016 General Election on January 16.
During his interview with the media, Ko called upon the public to exercise their rights by voting and leave the worries for another day.
When asked by reporters whether the mayor’s son is a first-time voter, Ko replied that the younger Ko has already voted in the local elections of 2014. Chen added that he will be voting later in that day by himself.
Responding to media questions about his views regarding the recent uproar over the video apology of Chou Tzu-yu, a Taiwanese member of K-pop girls group, Ko said he hopes reporters will not ask this question on voting day. He added that the question can be discussed after the new regime has been voted into office.
As for whether it is fair for a 16-year-old to suffer this kind of pressure, Ko said that “sigh, and more sighs.” He believes that everyone has his or her own personal opinion about this incident, and there is no need to share his views with the public at the moment.