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DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for Taipei City for March 31

Contact-tracing records of one of the new COVID casesThe Department of Health (DOH) reported a total of 8 new domestic cases and 23 new imported cases for Taipei City on March 31. The patient includes 12 men and 19 women from age group ranging from 10’s to 70’s. The cases are distributed across Zhongshan, Songshan, Daan, Wahua, Shilin, and Neihu districts (1 case each). Zhongzheng District reported a total of 2 cases.
Case 23373 of Zhongshan District is a man in his twenties who reside with Case 23063. He has been isolated since March 28. After a fever, his PCR test on March 30 indicated positive result with CT value of 22.
Case 23374 of Songshan District is a woman in her 50s and included on the contact-tracing list of Case 23267. She experienced symptoms on March 28 and received a PCR test on March 29. The test came back positive on March 30 with CT value of 16. A total of 7 close-contact individuals have been isolated at home.
Case 23389 of Daan District is a man in his 30s. With trails overlapping those of Case 22838 at a restaurant, he experienced symptoms starting March 28. The PCR test on March 30 yielded positive result with CT value of 17.
Case 23390 of Wanhua District is a man in his 40s. After a banquet on March 26, he began experiencing symptoms on March 28. A PCR test on March 30 indicated positive result with CT value of 29. A total of 3 family members are now under home isolation.
The two cases in Zhongzheng District (cases 23496 and 23497) include a woman in her 20s and another in her 30s. The two individuals are family members residing with Case 23180. They have been under home isolation since March 30 and turned out positive on their PCR tests.
Case 23498 of Neihu District is a woman in her 30s, and Case 23495 of Shilin District is a man in his 20’s.
As of noon on March 31, a total of 103 people has been placed under home isolation due to their close contact with confirmed cases. Among these, 23 people tested negative and the results from 80 other individuals are still being analyzed. For those on the extended list, 159 people have been tested (as of the aforementioned time), yielding 48 negative results.
Using the contact-tracing record of Case 23275 as reference, DOH has ordered disinfection to be carried out at an unnamed college in Wenshan District. It also ordered the home quarantine of 168 student and staff on March 30, with 71 people undergoing tests.
DOH reminds citizens that there may be random COVID-19 cases in the community and calls upon the public to remain vigilant in monitoring their own health via routine temperature checks and awareness of possible symptoms such as fever, throat pain, cough, runny nose, diarrhea, and sudden loss of taste or smell. Those who exhibit suspicious symptoms should take a home rapid test and proceed to take a PCR test at any of the following local hospitals: Taipei City Hospital Heping, Zhongxing, Renai, Yangming, and Zhongxiao branches, as well as Wanfang hospital and Guandu hospital (from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM [11 AM for Guandu Hospital] Monday through Friday).