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Farm City Soil Conditioner Open Application

Taipei Works Bureau Park office will open the application for soil conditioner on September 17th (Monday). 
There are 480 bags of soil conditioner can be applied. Limited quantities, people who need this, please apply as soon as possible.

The process of manufacturing the soil conditioner is decomposed by natural fermentation. This can use for flower gardening and farm. Soil conditioner most easily absorbed by the plants, and also environmental friendly.  

Application methods:
1. Please enter to website for application on date September 17th, 2018 at 10:00 A.M.
2. This application only for "Taipei Citizen". Please fill real name and correct information. One person only can apply for a bag of soil conditioner.
3. You will receive confirmation email from the Farm City. Please carry your identity card to Taipei Works Bureau Park office to collect the soil conditioner. The collect date is September 25th to September 28th, 2018. Overdue will not be accepted.
4. Soil conditioner is use zipper bag packaging, about 10 liters per bag. We will not provide plastic bag, please bring your own bag.