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Picnic Day debut par 28 experience "slow food" approach to life hand-made hydroponic potted DIY

Come to Hakka Park experience the “Slow Food” attitude! This year, Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park introducing a varieties of exciting activities about “Slow Food” life attitude, including culinary experience: non-toxic red beans rice balls, and hydroponic pot DIY as well as orchestra performances of EveryPlanet. Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park invites people join the event and participating a picnic day, to understand the spirit of slow food contained therein rich significance.
Nowadays, with diet pattern changes, people in the pursuit of quick and easy diet process, resulting in many food safety and environmental issues, in addition to brought a dramatic burden to the land. Therefore, Hakka Picnic Day with “Slow Food” as the theme this year, we promoting a series of experiences and performances, welcoming people take families and friends to learn about the various stories in the slow food issues by variety of fun activities.
Organizers also cooperate with small farmers they prepared healthy and reassuring agro-Hakka food, so that people not only watching high-quality performances but also personally touch with the ground as well as taste delicious ingredients. Next picnic date will fall on April 23th, we welcome people to join us.
This great activity means a lot to the Hakka People in Taipei, and we hope and welcome people who love the Hakka Picnic Day and to join us. For more information, please visit Taipei Hakka Cultural Park’s website, http://www.thcp.org.tw/.