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Mayor Inspects Enhanced Quarantine Measures at Chientan Youth Activity Center

Mayor and deputy mayor at Chientan Youth Activity CenterWith the spike in COVID cases among nationals returning to Taiwan for the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, the city government requisitioned the Chientan Youth Activity Center to serve as an enhanced quarantine facility for asymptomatic individuals and those with mild symptoms starting January 15. The purpose is to ensure optimized utilization of medical facilities.
Mayor Ko Wen-je and Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan arrived at the Chientan Youth Activity Center at 9:30 AM and attended a briefing by Medical Affairs Secretary Chan Shang-yih of Taipei City Hospital Yangming Branch. His report covered topics including adjustments to the ventilation, current occupancy and maximum capacity of the facility, and SOP for check-ins.
After the briefing, the mayor requested facility staff perform the process, using him as a confirmed case newly admitted. He wants to inspect every single detail of the procedure.
Ko pointed out issues such as the pamphlet on accommodation regulations should offer versions in different languages, the colored signs indicating the cleaning zones, and availability of WiFi services. He also inspected whether the direction of ventilation is correct or not.
When asked by a reporter if he discovered places that need improvement, the mayor remarked that being a doctor himself and having traveled the actual route which patients have to take, he is able to see where problems might exist. It is also an opportunity to for him to examine the ventilation as well. Other areas he inquired about include the data management of those admitted; the factors deciding whether patients should be assigned to quarantine hotels or hospitals; channels of communications with the airport; follow-ups and transportation plans for cases who develop more severe symptoms during their stay, and how hospitals can lessen their load once the enhanced quarantine hotels are in place.