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Taipei won the Championship in the 2020 Open Government Data Application Award with its Road Maintenance Management

The Taipei City Road & Pipeline lnfomation Center (commonly known as “RPIC”) took part in the “Open Government Data Application Award” contest of 2020 held by the National Development Council, Executive Yuan with “Taipei Citywide Road Construction Network Smart Integration Management Information” as the theme and won the championship in the governance of government group. Premier Su presented the award to Taipei City on the morning of November 2, 2020. 

According to Director Li-Yuan Huang of the New Construction Office, Taipei City Government started to seek breakthroughs between the private and public sectors since its establishment of the RPIC in July, 2015 and has successfully consolidated 43 pipeline entities (institutions) in cross-function operation. The 24-hour mobile APP notification and real-time image of work progress has been adopted for disclosure as “Real-time Construction Information” on the homepage of the RPIC official website. In addition, the “Real-time Construction Image” could also be viewed at the “Love Taipei APP” of the Taipei City Government for assurance of transparency of all construction works for the supervision of the public. RPIC further initiated the “Work Scheduling Appointment Management Operation” matching with the “Road Application Activities Control Graphic Data” thereby all applications for construction appointment which meet the condition for control will be rejected by the system to achieve the goal of proper control of construction work and avoid conflicting schedule. RPIC adopted AI to reject the appointment of scheduling for construction work in 460 cases in 2019 to avoid repeated excavation and paving. Furthermore, 822 cases of possible conflicts between construction in progress in the immediate areas where events were being held have been successfully avoided inside Taipei City so that events could be launched smoothly in Taipei everyday.

According to Director Hung-Ming Chen of RPIC, Taipei has been focusing on the management of smart road construction over the years. Further to the above policies, Taipei has also successfully launched a variety of innovative measures including the installation of “Underground Pipeline 3D-GIS Platform,” advocacy of “Online Mobile Announcement Integration,” refinement of “Automatic ancillary Review of Digging and Excavation Permission,” expansion of “GIS Visualized Cases Management,” and realization of “Manhole construction Inspection Smart Management” with the realization of “Licensing and Certification of Site Supervisors and Workers.” All these are new to Taiwan. In the future, the innovative measures will further be refined to upgrade the operation management efficiency of road digging and excavation all through different stages of the life cycle of work. Further effort will also be made in on-site audits of the works. The advocacy of all innovative measures has yielded expected results and performance. RPIC thanked all the pipeline entities (institutions) for their collaboration in full effort and feedback with improvement. Together, we will pursue road construction smart management in Taipei further and enhance information transparency. 

Section Manager Chi-Mo Huang of RPIC suggested that they are honored to take part in the contest of the National Development Council and won the championship in the governance of government group of the 2020 Open Government Data Application Award, and also the top winner of votes by the public. He expressed his gratitude for the recognition of the members of the Council and the public and also the effort of the National Development Council, the organizer of the contest. In the future, RPIC will continue to upgrade the quality of the data and value of applications, and persist to optimize the transparency of data for assuring the upgrade of road service quality and the public’s standard of living.