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Mayor Visits Wholesale Market, Inspects TaipeiPASS Permit System

TaipeiPASS permit and card sensor at one of the wholesale marketsTo ensure the stability of agricultural produce supply and to strengthen pandemic prevention measures, a new system integrating TaipeiPASS mechanism and registered EasyCard goes live at both Taipei’s First Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market and Huannan Market on July 20.
Mayor Ko Wen-je and city officials arrived at the two wholesale markets at 6:30 in the morning to inspect the implementation of the access management system. The following people are required to swipe their TaipeiPASS permit at entry points to access these venues: employees of Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation (TAPMC); delivery personnel; loading and unloading workers; janitors; resident staff; registered underwriters; assistant underwriters; workers hired by underwriters; and others who work at the First Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, as well as Huannan Market vendors, workers, self-governing association personnel, janitors, security personnel, and storage management staff. They will only be allowed entry when the green light lights up at the gate.
The Department of Information Technology interfaced with the database of the National Immunization Information System (NIIS) to obtain the list of individuals who have received COVID-19 vaccine shots for 14 days or longer. This data is integrated with contact-tracing mechanism into a physical access card produced with the help of EasyCard Corporation.
At the entry points of the wholesale market, individuals can show their permit near the sensor. The entire process – from temperature-taking to card reading – takes no longer than 10 seconds. A red light will turn on if the individual is denied access.
Those without a TaipeiPASS permit must produce a negative PCR test result documentation or a vaccine shot yellow card from 14 days ago or longer. They must also complete contract-tracing registration before they can enter the market.
The Market Administration Office calls upon those working at TAPMC and Huannan Market or frequenting these facilities who have been vaccinated to apply for the permit to save time and avoid long queues.