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​2021 Open House Taipei: Mayor Takes Citizen on a Tour of Leputing

​2021 Open House Taipei: Mayor Takes Citizen on a Tour of LeputingTaipei City Government began its collaboration with Open House in 2020 with the inaugural Open House Taipei, which won widespread approval from the public. To continue last year’s success, the 2021 Open House Taipei offers participants free access to 30 city-managed facilities on November 27 and 28.
Mayor Ko Wen-je visited the Leputing historical building on November 27, the first day of this year’s Open House Taipei. Leputing is a stand-alone, Japanese-style wooden mansion located in Taipei’s busy downtown. As the surprise guest, the mayor joined other visitors on a tour of the cultural asset, learning about the beauty of the architecture and the challenges encountered during the building’s restoration.
In his speech, Ko pointed out that Taipei City won the rights to organize its inaugural Open House event in 2020. It is the third Asian city to hold the event – after Osaka and Macau. A total of 90 venues across Taipei City took part in this year’s Open House Taipei. Among the participating venues, 30 of them are affiliated with the city government. Other interesting destinations not typically open to public access include the Grass Mountain Water System and the underground tunnels being constructed for the upcoming MRT system.
He remarked that in the past, many people believe that cities need largescale public construction projects. However, he believes in “community-ism” where every corner of the city appears clean and well-organized. He recalled that a reporter once asked him about his proudest achievement as mayor. Back in 2019, his answer would be the Nanmen Transition Market. Among the structures built by the city government, the facility is the closest resembling a tidy, modern Japanese market: It is well-illuminated, and all meat products at stalls are separated from visitors by glass windows.  
The mayor concluded that Leputing is a great example of a renovated building that makes Taipei more elegant. There are many old and dated buildings in Taipei where the owners have a hard time figuring out what to do for renovations. The “Old Building Project” of the Department of Cultural Affairs takes advantage of public-private-partnership mechanism, integrating the expertise of the two sectors for the best result. An example of a success case is the overhaul of the Yangmingshan American Military Housing.