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Mayor Attends the 2,569th Birthday Celebration of Confucius

Ritual celebrating the birthday of Confucius Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je visited the Taipei Confucius Temple in the morning of September 28 to attend the 2,569th birthday celebration of Confucius as Principal Presentation Officer. Accompanied by Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung (participating on behalf of the President), the 79th generation descendant of Confucius Kung Tsui-chang, and numerous dignitaries both domestic and international, he completed the 37 birthday celebration rituals and also gave a speech.

Mayor Ko thanked everyone for attending Confucius’ 2,569th birthday celebration. This year also coincides with the 90th anniversary of the Confucius Temple; therefore it is Taipei Confucius Temple’s privilege to be able to celebrate the momentous occasion with its guests. Furthermore, it is also a recognition of Taipei City’s achievements in promoting Confucian culture.

According to Ko, the Taipei Confucius Temple has shouldered the heavy responsibility of the cultural preservation and continuance of the Confucian culture throughout the course of history. In addition, it also allows guests and travelers both domestic and international to appreciate the charisma of Confucian thinking. Such important cultural heritage has not only transformed Taipei City into a world cultural capital, allowing us to stand tall in the Chinese world, but it is also one of the most iconic aspects of Chinese culture.

He pointed out that the Taipei Confucius Temple has designed the interesting “Come! Enjoy! Johnny’s Lovely Day” inspired by the theme of Confucianism, hoping to attract more young people to participate in the activities through diverse and creative thinking. In the future, traditional culture is expected to continue so that more people can appreciate this piece of Chinese heritage.

The mayor commented that the successful conclusion of today’s birthday celebration is attributed to the Collateral Presentation Officer, Assistant Sacrifice Officer, and the entire staff including senior ritualists as well as ritualists from Minglun High School, musicians from Chongqing Junior High School, Yi dancers from Dalong Elementary School, the sacrificial feast prepared by Kai Ping Culinary School, as well as numerous groups and volunteers. He thanked everyone for putting in long hours in preparing and practicing to ensure the success of the ceremony, thereby continuing the heritage of this important ritual that is steeped in history and culture. Since today also coincides with Teachers’ Day in Taiwan, Mayor Ko also expressed his blessings and gratitude to all the teachers for the crucial role they have played in advancing education.