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Public Invited to Take Advantage of Yanhui Book Warehouse Free Book Giveaway

To time with the winter break, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that Yanhui Book Warehouse will expand its free book giveaway starting today.
Individuals will be eligible to acquire up to six books from the institution per month by producing a valid student ID. Those from low or middle income families, as well as people with disabilities, will be able to request up to 20 books. An exchange of 15 used batteries for two books is also available.
The deal, which expires at the end of March, applies to all individuals meeting the criteria and is not limited to residents domiciled in Taipei City. Those interested can visit the Chinese website of Yanhui Book Warehouse (http://epb-secondhand.weebly.com/) to look through the collection ranging from reference books, literature, family books, to stationery. The requested items will be delivered to the address registered by the applicant free of charge.
According to DEP, Yanhui Book Warehouse has become a popular ‘treasure hunt’ hot spot for a growing number of residents since its establishment on January 13, 2013. The objective of the facility is to reduce the amount of trash and encourage recycling.
As a platform for secondhand book exchange, the facility has benefitted a great number of students living in remote areas and those from disadvantaged families.
DEP invites residents to contribute to the collection by donating unwanted books (excluding magazines and textbooks for junior high and elementary schools) to the warehouse through the city’s recycled waste collection trucks or dropping them off at designated donation locations.