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Taipei Zoo: Baby Otter’s Name Chosen via Online Vote

Otter swimming in the outdoor pool The last Wednesday of May is also the World Otter Day. To commemorate the occasion, Taipei Zoo announced the new name for a female baby otter determined through online voting.

The baby otter was named “Jin-meng” – the choice winning 1,075 votes during the three-week-long online voting event organized by the zoo since early May. It is short for “really charming” in Taiwanese. The “Jin” in the name also symbolizes Kinmen County – the hometown of the otter.

Jin-meng was one of the otters rescued from the wilds under the Forestry Bureau’s Injured Animals Shelter and Care Project. The then-one-year-old baby otter was transported to Taipei Zoo from Kinmen County at the end of 2019. After thorough care administered by vets and animal caretakers, the pup has learned how to swim and eat fish, and is now growing up under the watchful eyes of expert guardians.

Living with another otter by the name of “Dajin” in the Formosan Animal Area of the zoo, the two otters often explore their home together during the day. With the help of its partner and fish baits placed by zoo keepers, Jin-meng has gradually grown accustomed to the outdoor pool. Taipei Zoo also houses three other otters who were transported from Jinmen under the rescue program, each with “Jin” in their names.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the zoo will hold the much anticipated “Keeper’s Talk” event on World Otter Day online. Those interested in learning more about these small furry friends can check out the “Keeper’s Talk Online – Asian Small-clawed Otters” clip.