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Dazzling Green Gem! Taipei City Green Bamboo Shoot Quality Evaluation Competition

* The result of the 2nd Taipei City Green Bamboo Shoot Quality Evaluation Competition has been announced!

The quality evaluation competition was held at the first-floor courtyard of Taipei City Hall today (June 27), which saw the participation of over 100 bamboo shoot farmers from different districts across Taipei City! The Green Bamboo Shoot King grand prize was won by Chou Hua-lo from Muzha District, while Hsieh Chung-fu from Daan District took the Sweet Bamboo Shoot King award along with runner-up, third place and outstanding award recipients.

All the entries of the Taipei City Green Bamboo Shoot Quality Evaluation Competition are among the best in the city, with above average quality and sweetness. Besides passing a pesticide residue test, the hardness tester and Brix meter were also used to measure the bamboo shoots’ tenderness and sweetness. Having won the grand prize on countless occasions and elected as the Sweet Bamboo Shoot King twice, Chou believes that the key ingredients of cultivating delicious green bamboo shoots are weather and diligence, because as long as you put your mind to it, you will be able to grow fresh, delectable and sweet green bamboo shoots.

According to the Department of Economic Development (DOED), the quality evaluation competition not only enhances the overall development of the green bamboo shoot industry and the quality of green bamboo shoots, but also offers the farmers an opportunity to exchange their experiences and know-how. Moreover, the hot sale of high-quality green bamboo shoots is also guaranteed. Green bamboo shoot creative dishes prepared by the home economics class of various district farmers’ associations were showcased at the venue, and many interested visitors were busy noting down the recipes amid a lively ambiance.

Mayor Ko Wen-je indicated that Taipei City has the perfect geographic environment for cultivating green bamboo shoots, therefore the green bamboo shoots produced in this region are especially sweet, fresh, and offer a crisp texture. Taipei City Government has been dedicated to promoting locally grown green bamboo shoots and pesticide residue testing to provide the consumers with peace of mind and enjoyment! Half-day or one-day bamboo shoot harvesting experience itineraries have also been designed for this event; it is hoped that the collaboration between the city government and various farmers’ associations will bring about a unique urban farming experience for the urbanites!

The DOED elaborated that green bamboo shoots are in season from June through September, so now is the perfect season to enjoy these treats of nature. At the annual Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market, green bamboo shoots are often sold out in no time during the weekends. Fresh green bamboo shoots harvested daily are sold at the entrance of Muzha District Farmers’ Association from Monday to Friday (open for business at 8 AM every morning, while stocks last), so if you have not yet tasted green bamboo shoots, you should hurry up! In addition, from July 13 to September 1, for purchases of agricultural products valued NT$1,200 or more at the Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market during the weekends, you may receive a Green Bamboo Shoot Baby Doll. Only a limited quantity is available, so come to the farmer’s market quickly!

For additional DOED-related information, please browse the “臺北市產業局-台北饗樂趣” Facebook fan page or the official Chinese website of DOED.