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The Taipei City Government (TCG) has expanded the scope of electronic verification operations since August 2019 to implement the e-government goal

In line with the promotion of the electronic invoice verification system by the Central Government, the Taipei City Government issued the “Taipei City Government Electronic Verification Project” in 2018, integrating four related information systems such as purchasing, verification, accounting and payment. Instead of the traditional paper receipts or invoices, the original vouchers will be replaced electronically, and the electronic invoices will be processed for electronic verification and payment operations through the Ministry of Finance information platform. On January 1, 2019, it completed the online operation of 140 budget agencies. Up to now, there have been reached nearly 70,000 electronic verification cases, which have multiple targets such as promoting electronic invoices, reducing paper use and administrative e-government.


In order to promote electronic verification operations, since August 2019, the value has been extended from NT$100,000(approx. USD3, 225) to all cases for purchasing. To this end, Taipei City Government held the "Electronic Verification Operation Promotion Conference" on August 1, 2019. The Deputy Secretary-General Chen Chih-Ming together with the Department Of Finance, the Department of Information Technology and the Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics to attend the meeting. With regard to the government's electronic verification operation policy and future promotion plan, the 110 members of the first-level organs of TCG participating in the briefing session. The meeting has been successfully completed, and the electronic government will be implemented through experiences exchange and promotion.