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Mayor Attends Showing for “The Chinese Mayor”

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a special showing for the documentary film winner of the Golden Horse Award “The Chinese Mayor” in the evening on July 15.
The mayor noted that he was quite shocked by the film, noting that there are other ways to approach the issue of urban regeneration. In a democratized country like Taiwan, it is quite unthinkable to dismantle 100,000 housing units and relocate 500,000 people at once.
The documentary is directed by Zhou Hao, the first Chinese director in history to claim two best documentary awards at the Golden Horse Award for two consecutive years.
Recounting the story of Datong Mayor Geng Yanbo’s effort in resurrecting the old glory of his city through an aggressive and massive urban renovation campaign over 5 years, the film recorded the impact the project has upon 10,000 households, 500,000 residents, and a debt topping USD 3 billion.
During the interview with the press after the show, Ko remarked that if people were to watch more films like this, Taiwan’s public will be even more afraid of Mainland China.
When asked by a reporter whether he believes that Geng’s approach is to achieve the advancement of his city, Ko pointed out that there are other ways to improve a city. In the case of Taipei, we approach the issue of dismantling buildings through many rounds of negotiations first. He stressed again that it is impossible to use such approach under Taiwan’s political environment today.