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NO.TitlePublish Date
61The beauty of volunteerism—under the Mask-rationing Plan, the Department of Social Welfare mobilizes 160 volunteers to facilitate face mask sales in pharmacies in Taipei2020-05-05
622019 Assistive Technology Assessment breaks out your imagination of assistive devices. Mayor Ko transforms himself into Iron Man: people-oriented assistive devices empower life2020-05-05
63The Taipei City Government enforces the latest social worker pay rise policy set out by the central government to protect rights and benefits of frontline social workers2020-05-05
64“Grow Old Gracefully with Taipei” program to create a happy life for the elderly at their own pace2020-05-05
65The Department of Social Welfare: Public recognition and support is expected for their determination to introduce welfare service for the disabled to the local communities2020-05-05
66A service center opens to empower the disadvantaged with a space of dignity. You’re invited to drop by to enjoy gourmets while listening to life stories of the underprivileged2020-05-05
67Maokong Gondola Closed for Annual Maintenance May 11 – May 292020-05-05
68NPO Hub Taipei opens for use—a center designated as experimental space for NPOs to collaborate resources and augment influence2020-05-05
69City Shares English Version of COVID-19 Prevention Plan SOP with Sister Cities2020-05-04
70Firefly-spotting in Taipei: Two Recommended Locations2020-05-04
71City Conducts Pandemic Drill to Test Outbreak Preparedness 2020-05-01
72Comprehensive Body Temperature Checks and wear a mask during transportation!2020-05-01
73Xining South Road Now Open to Two-way Traffic2020-05-01
74The Pedestrian Exclusive Phase at Intersection at Lane 108, Dongxin Street, Nangang District, Taipei City Is Scheduled for Test Run Starting from 2019.12.022020-05-01
75TCPD Mobilizes for Upcoming “Manhattanhenge” in Taipei2020-04-30
76Cashbox KTV Fire: Mayor Seeks to Patch Flaws in Existing Regulations2020-04-30
77Songjiang Nanjing MRT Station Land Development Project Tendering Requirements Under Review by Taipei City Government2020-04-30
78City Fines KTV Branches for Failing Safety Inspection2020-04-29
79Guandu Nature Park to Implement Real Name-based Entry Regulation2020-04-29
80The Yucheng Park Dog Run Area was officially opened2020-04-29