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Secretariat, Taipei City Government

City News

NO.TitlePublish Date
61Mayor Attends Groundbreaking Ceremony of Feitsui Raw Water Transmission Mains Project2019-07-30
62MRT Staff used Video 119 Call Service to Successfully Rescue Civilian with Cardiac Arrest2019-07-29
63Taipei e-Campus Buoyant LOHAS e-paper Issue #261 is Now Available Online2019-07-29
64City Encourages Business Owners to Partake in 21-hour Occupational Health, Safety Training 2019-07-26
65Taipei City Rain Water Pumping Station Test Run Schedule, August 20192019-07-26
66Successful Conclusion to World Deaf Badminton Championships2019-07-26
67Mayor Attends 2019 Cross-Strait Urban Traffic Seminar Opening Ceremony2019-07-25
68TCPD Holds Handover Ceremony for Precinct Chiefs, Commanders2019-07-25
69Taipei City Government on In-Depth Exploration of Seoul, Tokyo, and Fukuoka Enthusiastic Response to Introduction of Taipei MICE to Japanese/Korean Enterprises2019-07-24
70Mayor Attends Tata Cup Parent-Child Center Sports Meet2019-07-24
71Taipei City Youth Development Office Celebrates International Youth Day2019-07-24
72DOED Holds Energy Saving and Zero Carbon Innovative Life Forum2019-07-23
73Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Neihu Technology Park 1,000-People Blood Drive! 2019-07-23
74Major Causes of Malfunctioning MRT Doors Have Been Revealed!2019-07-22
75Taipei Attends Japan's Largest Travel Agency JTB and Exhibition/Conference 2019-07-22
76Major Causes of Malfunctioning MRT Doors Have Been Revealed! 2019-07-22
77The Clean Government Committee Pays Great Attention on the execution of the Taipei Dome, especially on safety issues.2019-07-22
78Taipei City Government Sides with Enterprises in Taiwan Expo 2019 in Malaysia, Fetching A Million Worth of Orders2019-07-20
79Parking Space Hoggers to be Towed, Relocated Starting July 162019-07-19
80Shezi Bridge: High-tech Safety Monitoring via Taiwan-France Collaboration2019-07-19