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Secretariat, Taipei City Government

City News

NO.TitlePublish Date
61The Women's and Children's Protection Division Invites You to Visit the Hottest Police Day Check-on Destination2019-06-21
62TCAP Summer Giveaway: Admission to 3 Establishments with Co-branded Passport2019-06-21
63Revamping the Entrance of Taipei Zoo – E-Payment System Soon to be Unveiled!2019-06-20
64Mayor Ko Attends 2019 Taiwan - Israel Teens Encounter in Taipei 2019-06-20
65The 750th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on Jane 27, 20192019-06-20
66Starting April 29, 2019 (Monday), Lane 40 of Ningbo West Street will be adjusted to be a one-way street from south to north.2019-06-20
67Legal Communication Submission2019-06-20
68June 20: MRT Red Line Conducts Shuttle Train Simulation between Xinbeitou Station and Daan Station for One Day 2019-06-19
692019 Zhuzihu Hydrangea Festival – “Feast of Love – Picnic Concert” 2019-06-19
70The Results of May Opinion Poll regarding Senior Welfare2019-06-18
712019 Nangang District Auxiliary Police Division Preparedness Basic Training2019-06-18
72Splendid Crest Line: Collecting Words at Old Place and Traversing the Jiantanshan – Wenjianshan Hiking Trail2019-06-18
73The Statistics for Taipei City Firms and Corporations Registration in May, 20192019-06-18
74Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service unveils an activity in celebration of UN Public Service Day2019-06-18
75TRTC Unveils Free Xue Jie and A-Ru Sticker – Available for Download Now2019-06-18
76TRTC Unveils Free Xue Jie and A-Ru Sticker – Available for Download Now2019-06-17
77Promoting 4 Major Cultural Venues – Providing Tourists from Hong Kong and Macau with a Unique Travel Experience2019-06-17
78Mucha Park Lake attracted,Recruiting the volunteer of fireflies conservation2019-06-17
79Itinerant Rabies Vaccination for Animals in Mountain Regions of Taipei City Begins! 2019-06-14
80TPEDOIT Taps into the Korean Market by Joining Forces with China Airlines2019-06-14