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NO.TitlePublish DepartmentPublish Date
61The 2023 “Bus Kindness Campaign” Excellent Driver Award Ceremony Brave Drivers Rescue Passengers, Becoming Passengers’ SuperheroesDepartment of Transportation2023-12-16
62DOF Actively Investigates Illegal and Inferior Tobacco and Alcohol to Protect the Health of the Public.Department of Finance, Taipei City Government2023-12-15
63Taipei City's New Construction Office Earns Outstanding Achievement at the 21st Golden Thumbs Awards For PPPNew Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government2023-12-15
64Fire ESG Concept is First Introduced in the Selection of “2023 Taipei City Excellent Self-Management Venue for Fire Safety”Taipei City Fire Department2023-12-14
65Season for Companies’ Year-End Banquet (Weiya) is Approaching Reminder from the Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government: Do Not Drive if You Know You will be drinking and Find a Designated Driver if You do DrinkDepartment of Transportation2023-12-14
66Through the Efforts of Mayor Chiang after Taking Office, Traffic Environment has Gradually ImprovedDepartment of Transportation2023-12-13
67Taipei City Unveils Comprehensive Initiatives to Boost Startup Scalability and Global Reach, Making an Founder Friendly CityDepartment of Economic Development ,Taipei City Government2023-12-12
68The Ratio of having Insurance Coverage for YouBike Personal Injury Insurance in Taipei City reaches a New High of 63.5% Foreigners can Also Get the InsuranceDepartment of Transportation2023-12-11
69House Tax of the Neighborhood of Songshan Airport Affected by Aircraft Noises has been Reduced via Downgrading the Location Rate, TCG will Continue Trying for More Subsidies from the Central Government.Department of Finance, Taipei City Government2023-12-08
70The 2024 Disaster Prevention CalendarTaipei City Fire Department2023-12-08
71The 812th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on DEC.14, 2023Taipei Urban Planning Commission2023-12-07
72TFD Wins the 6th Government Service Award with “119 High-Performance Dispatch and Precision Service”Taipei City Fire Department2023-12-06
73Feelings of cooling across Taiwan . Pay attention to the safety of fires when taking supplements in winter.Taipei City Fire Department2023-12-06
74Open Solicitation for Xinyi Eastern Extension Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station Public Artwork SubmissionsDepartment of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government2023-12-06
75Starting from Dec. 7th, 2023, Pedestrian Scramble will be Implemented at the Intersection of “Jinxi St. and Ln. 53, Jinxi St." in Datong Dist. of Taipei CityDepartment of Transportation2023-12-06
76【3D Theater】Pet Pals in WindlandTaipei Astronomical Museum2023-12-06
77【Dome Theater】A Cosmic Journey Through Space and TimeTaipei Astronomical Museum2023-12-06
78Applications for the Yangde Blvd. Pass for 2024-2026 will be Accepted Starting from Dec. 6th, 2023Department of Transportation2023-12-04
792.6 Million of the Megacity Passes that Taipei City Strongly Promotes Have Been Sold Nearly 80,000 People have Responded to “My Carbon Reduction Passbook”!Department of Transportation2023-12-04
80Adjustment Measures for Buses in Response to the “Pedestrian Widening Project of Sec. 1, Xinsheng N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist.”Department of Transportation2023-12-04