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NO.TitlePublish Date
61SMART Taipei Takes Part in IOT Tech Expo Europe2021-12-15
62The 787th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on DEC.23 , 20212021-12-14
63TRTC, NTUT, Acer Join Forces to Enhance Metro System Safety2021-12-14
64Relocation Notice of StartUP@Taipei Office2021-12-14
65Taipei City Government Awarded the 4th Government Service Award for the success in pandemic prevention2021-12-14
66Taipei Water Lantern Festival: Sending Away Ill Fortune to Welcome a New Year2021-12-13
67TRTC, NTUT, Acer Join Forces to Enhance Metro System Safety2021-12-13
68City to Set up Walk-in Station for COVID-19 (Moderna) Vaccine December 9-122021-12-10
69Alin, Lala Hsu, Accusefive to Join Countdown Party Troupe2021-12-10
70Application information about “Taipei City Government Start-up Loan for Youth Entrepreneurs” for Novermber 2021! 2021-12-09
71Application information about “Taipei City Government SMEs Loan Program” for November 20212021-12-09
72Mayor Joins Counterparts at Global Views Leaders Forum2021-12-09
73DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for December 72021-12-09
74The 786th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on DEC.9 , 20212021-12-08
75Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government Press Release2021-12-08
76Great food and iPhone 13 from container marketplace at Dadaocheng Pier2021-12-07
77​Fun with riverside parks at the Tour of Taipei Challenge2021-12-07
78​Mayor Attends Inauguration of Kainan Youthfulness Lecture Hall2021-12-06
79Private pig farms in Taipei City have stopped and there is no suspicion of African swine fever yet2021-12-03
80The ``Flower IN Taipei'' series of flower exhibitions is about to begin, let's go, let's go see the flowers!2021-12-03