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Secretariat, Taipei City Government

City News

NO.TitlePublish Date
21Mayor Attends the 2,569th Birthday Celebration of Confucius2019-10-03
22Opening of Dahu Park Great Book Carnival 2019-10-02
23Purchase New Taipei Metro Travel Pass and Joint Ticket, Get Free Coupon Guidebook2019-10-02
24Taipei e-Campus Buoyant LOHAS e-paper Issue #263 is Now Available Online2019-10-01
25Joining Travel Fairs in MRT Stations 2019-10-01
26Mayor Attends Drug Bust Press Conference – Vows to Enforce Zero-Tolerance2019-10-01
27Taipei City Government Employee Assistance Programs2019-10-01
28Taipei City Government Lowers Tax Rate for Single Owner-Occupied Residential Property Again in order to carry out Housing Justice2019-10-01
29Taiwan Expo 2019 in Indonesia Kicks Off in Late September 2019-09-27
30Ko Attends Premiere of The Timeless Virtues by Yang Li-hua Taiwanese Opera2019-09-27
31Taipei City Rain Water Pumping Station Test Run Schedule, October 20192019-09-27
32Building the most friendly workplace environment. Without violating employment privacy regulations2019-09-27
33Supporting World Rabies Day – APO Organizes Vaccination Activity2019-09-26
342019 Clean up the World Weekend – Making Taipei more Beautiful by Keeping Cigarette Butts off the Ground2019-09-26
35"20th Anniversary of 921 Earthquake" Taipei City Fire Department First Use Virtual Reality Simulation to Promote the Earthquake Reaction Knowledge2019-09-26
36The 756th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on oct.3, 20192019-09-26
37DOGE of Taipei City Government Launched the Debut of Children’s Animated Educational Materials of Anti-Corruption2019-09-25
38Mayor Travels to Lienchiang County to Exchange City Administration Experience2019-09-25
39TRTC Micro Movie Screenplay Lecture, Award Ceremony to take place October 26 2019-09-25
40Mayor Attends End Polio Charity Concert 2019-09-24