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Taipei City and Belmopan City Became Sister Cities

Taipei City and Belmopan, the capital city of Belize in the central America became sister cities on April 29, 2019. Mayor Wen-Je Ko of Taipei City, Chin-Hsiang Chen, Speaker of Taipei City Council, and Mayor Khalid Belisle of Belmopan City signed the agreement at Taipei City Hall. It was witnessed by a representative from Embassy of Belize in Taiwan, and Chun-Fei Chang, Deputy Director-General of Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China. Mayor Ko extended his gratitude to Taipei City Council for its joint work with the Taipei City Government to promote city-level diplomacy. Moreover, Mayor Ko especially appreciated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assisting in promoting the twinning relationship between the two cities.
As Taipei and Belmopan have become sister cities, both city governments will promote benefits of bilateral citizens and boost exchanges and cooperation projects on culture, trade, environmental issues, and tourism. Notably, this year signifies the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relation between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Belize. Taipei City is also the first sister city of Belmopan. The twinning relationship between Taipei City and Belmopan represents a noteworthy milestone in the process of deepening the friendship between Taiwan and Belize. This twinning event also became a spotlight in celebrating the 30 years of friendship between the two countries.
Since Taipei City established a sister-city tie with Houston, Texas, the United States on June 15, 1961, Taipei now has 49 sister cities, 3 partner cities, and 5 friendship cities from 35 countries.