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Taipei City and Oklahoma City Meet in the Air to Celebrate 40 Years of Friendship between these Sister Cities

Mayor Ko and Mayor David Holt of Oklahoma City signed the reaffirmation of the sister city relationship agreement in the video conference
On December 2, 2021, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je and Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt met in the air for the first time to jointly celebrate the two cities 40-year partnering as sister cities. Mayor Ko stated in his speech that both Taipei City and Oklahoma City cherished the partnership, and hoped that, in the future, the two cities would have in-depth bilateral exchanges in various domains such as smart technology, economy and trade, education, and culture, creating a happier and more suitable living environment for the citizens of both cities.
Oklahoma City Mayor Holt stated that he was glad to have this opportunity to use the convenience of modern technology to meet Mayor Ko in the air. He deeply cherishes the 40 years of friendship between the two cities and discussed Oklahoma City’s promotion of the “MAPS” governance plan and the subsequent development of the city into a modern international metropolis integrating numerous industries and diverse ethnic groups.
During the video conference, the Taipei City Government arranged for Mayor’s Office for External Affairs Commissioner Tom Chou to introduce the main achievements of Taipei City’s governance and expressed the hope that the two cities can increase their cooperation in the areas of education, technology, smart city, and pandemic-prevention. The President of Sister Cities OKC Aldwyn Sappleton introduced the cityscape and key industries of Oklahoma City over video conference.
Afterwards, Mayor Ko and Mayor Holt exchanged opinions on their respective city governance experiences. A memorandum reaffirming the sister city relationship was signed in the hope that, on the basis of the existing friendship, knowledge exchange and cooperation can be deepened to benefit citizens of both cities.
Mayor Ko also used the video conference to invite Mayor Holt to lead a delegation to Taipei to participate in the 2022 Smart City Summit & Expo when the pandemic subsides, and he shared the White Paper on Digital Transformation composed and issued by the Taipei City Government, which details their postpandemic industry digital transformation policies. Mayor Holt said that he was honored to speak with Mayor Ko and the Taipei City Government team over video conference. He invited Mayor Ko to visit Oklahoma City to experience all the city has to offer. The atmosphere of the conference was warm and cordial.