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Taipei City Government to build a better Taipei in collaboration with ECCT

The City Government and the European Commerce Chamber in Taiwan (ECCT) held their 19th annual joint lunch conference on 17 March at the Regent Taipei. The event brought more than 90 attendees together, including ECCT officials, Mayor Ko, heads of the Departments of Economic Development, Social Welfare, Health and Labor and the FISU Deputy CEO.
The conference started with opening remarks by ECCT chairman Håkan Cervell and Mayor Ko. Mr Cervell said that many foreign nationals find it wonderful to live and work in Taipei, and expressed his hope that living standards in Taipei will improve and more jobs will be created through collaboration between City Government and the ECCT, so that Taipei will have the optimum environment for business investment. Mayor Ko said he wanted to work together with ECCT members to make Taipei better and invited them to communicate any questions or recommendations they may have regarding city administration to the Secretariat’s Division of International Affairs.

FISU Deputy CEO You Shi-Ming briefed the audience on the current progress of the 2017 Universiade, and asked them to help promote the event. Finally, ECCT members raised questions about scooters being ridden on the pavement, how to apply the YouBike business model, urban renewal, the “Five-Day Work Week” and eliminating fake pharmaceuticals. Questions on other issues will be sent to the relevant departments for further investigation.
This annual conference enables the City Government to better understand the needs of foreign nationals living and working in Taipei. It also serves as a forum where ECCT members can raise questions and provide valuable advice. This type of communication and exchange will be continued so as to build a better Taipei.