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Mayor Ko and Mayor of Oklahoma City participate in a video conference to promote sports competition exchange

Mayor Ko and Mayor of Oklahoma City participate in a video conference
On June 30, Mayor Ko led the Department of Sports Commissioner Li Tzai-li, representatives from the 2025 Summer World Masters Games Office, and the Secretariat International Affairs Division Chief Chen Hai-chin to participate in a video conference with the Mayor of Oklahoma City David Holt to discuss matters related to sports and sports competitions.

Mayor Ko stated that the Taipei City Government was glad to meet with Mayor Holt and his team again within 1 year. The present conference focused on the 2025 Summer World Masters Games to be hosted jointly by Taipei City and New Taipei City. Athletes aged 30 years and above are eligible to apply for participation in the event, which reflects the core value of “sports beyond age, life without limits.” Mayor Ko also invited Mayor Holt and his delegation to attend the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival and Mayors’ Summit Online, both of which will be hosted by Taipei City next year. The 2025 Summer World Masters Games Office then presented a briefing on the event arrangement, shared previous international sports events hosted by Taipei City, and welcomed the participation of all Oklahoma City residents in the upcoming event.

Mayor Holt expressed his gratitude to Mayor Ko for his sincere invitation. Mayor Holt noted that the relocation of the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association to the city has increased the popularity of sports activities among the locals and brought changes to the city. The Management Executive of Oklahoma City Sue Hollenbeck, who has 25 years of work experience in the sports industry, also participated in the conference and approved of the value upheld by Taipei City that everyone is an athlete. Expressing her wish for the success of the 2025 Summer World Masters Games, Hollenbeck asserted that Taipei City has done an extraordinary job to become a host of this event. Commission Li expressed gratitude to Hollenbeck for her positive feedback and invited Mayor Holt, Hollenbeck, and all Oklahoma City residents to participate in the event while experiencing the culture and scenery of Taipei City. The Taipei City Government hoped that this conference will create more opportunities for sports exchanges between the two cities. Hollenbeck also stated that she looks forward to visiting Taipei City in the future and participating in its events.

The two parties engaged in active and friendly discussion. A group photograph was taken at the end of the conference.